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Depleted Reservoirs, loss zones and other challenging reservoirs demand fit-for purpose drilling systems guaranteed to stabilize wellbores. We provide the most efficient and cost effective way to meet those needs and ensure optimized production.

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The AphronICS? (Invasion-Control System) is an engineered drilling fluid system that controls losses in depleted, high-porosity sands while stabilizing pressured shales. This enables conventional drilling equipment to successfully complete many reservoirs that previously would have been candidates only for underbalanced drilling. The system increases shale stability, thereby greatly reducing drilling problems commonly associated with laminated sand/shale sequences.

Save up to thousands of dollars
Increase in production by 100%
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AphBreak? is a filter cake breaker, oxidizer and gel breaker that acts as a delayed acid generator used for the slow release of acid. When spotted down-hole, it reacts with water, generates acid and subsequently dissolves the calcium carbonate and polysaccharides. The cost-effective system allows time to enable running workover and completion operations.

Shaves 2-3 days off the process
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The CL-FREE? system was developed in response to environmental concerns on onshore areas, where high salinity WBM?s are not acceptable. The system is Chloride free or with very low salinity designed to meet difficult drilling targets with minimal environmental impact. Formations such as micro fractured shale, chalk or formations with interbedded dispersive clays are the applications where a CL-FREE? system should be considered. The CL-FREE? system results in a gauge hole, wellbore stability and minimum dilution. Dispersion tests indicated that the inhibition of CL-FREE? system is comparable to that of oil or synthetic base systems.

Highly inhibitive water-based mud
Saves in waste costs
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FrakPlug? is a finely dispersed material that is polymerized when it comes into contact with water in lost circulation zones. During polymerization, the material increases in volume up to 20x and adheazes to the rock surface. FrakPlug? isolates lost circulation zones during drilling and behind -the-casing flows in workover operations.

0% Fluid Lost
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The NC-100? System was developed in response to concerns with the costs and performance limitations of Oil-Based Muds (OBM). The system?s enhanced rheology profile and capability to be engineered to tailor to the needs of the drilling operations make NC-100? an excellent alternative to drilling reservoir sections with OBM. The NC-100? System is engineered to meet the challenges of drilling sensitive zones while continuing to provide drilling rates comparable to OBM. The NC-100? System is environmentally friendly, thus reducing the many hazards, both onshore and offshore, associated with drilling with distillate-based fluids. The NC-100? system is an excellent choice for drilling a variety of formation types. From, Limestone, Sandstone, and Chalk at a fraction of the cost of OBM.

Maximizes production
Reduces associated water cut


SCH-100? is a self-healing cement additive that provides self-repair to remediate cement micro-cannulas, and prevents inner void spaces produced by exposure to hydrocarbon invasion. SCH-100? prolongs well production life cycle by auto-repairing cement cracks and micro-annuli.<br /> Primary cement job failures are predominately due to a breakdown in the ?displacement process.? This typically results in poor zonal isolation manifested by channeling and the well cement sheath between the casing string and rock/clay formation encounters variable mechanical and chemical stresses that can lead to micro-annuli and cracks.

Increase well life cycle by self-healing cracks in the cement sheath

Decreases the cement systems Young?s modulus, thus minimizing cement embrittlement


This spacer system creates a shield/barrier at the face of the formation to prevent cement fluid from penetrating into the formation thereby mitigating lost circulation concerns during the cementing process. Since the unique seal formed by ECDGuard raises the formation?s fracture pressure, cement can be placed at casing depth with higher equivalent circulating densities (ECDs) without increasing the risk of formation break down. This capability is highly beneficial in wells where a narrow margin exists between the fracture gradient and pore pressure gradient.

Maximizes production
Reduces associated water cut

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Selecting and deploying the right drilling and completions fluid for the job is critical to the success of any operation.

Our drilling engineers have over 75 years of combined experience in dealing with challenging reservoirs. We employ our extensive suite of products and additives to custom engineer solutions that meet the most demanding and environmentally sensitive reservoirs.

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