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Water-based alternative to OBM


The NC-100? is a high performance reservoir fluid for superior drilling performance and hole cleaning. Developed in response to concerns with the costs and performance limitations of Oil-Based Muds (OBM), it is a Drill-in Fluid system that improves bridging particle distributions to control invasion thus depositing a denser, ultra-low permeability filter cake.


The NC-100? system is excellent for drilling in a variety of formation types such as limestone, sandstone, and chalk at a fraction of the cost of OBM. The system?s enhanced rheology profile and capability to be engineered to tailor to the needs of the drilling operations make NC-100? an excellent alternative to drilling reservoir sections with OBM.

Treatment Recommendation

Formulations are treatment are available on the system brochure.


The NC-100? provides excellent wellbore stability. And additional stress cage developers can be added easily and without the need for expensive wetting agents. Furthermore, the NC-100? system can be easily engineered into a superior pre-cement spacer yielding better CBLs than OBM.

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