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Invasion-Control System


The AphronICS? is patent-proven engineered drilling fluid system that controls pressure (losses) in depleted, high-porosity, fractured formations while stabilizing pressured shales.

AphronICS? replaces UBD, MBD, LCM, drill multiple pressure zone, and depleted formations to successfully complete many reservoirs that previously would have been candidates only for multi intervals, under-balanced drilling or even abandoned reserves due to drilling difficulties.

This technology reduces your risks of invasion, lost circulation, differential sticking and formation damage, while increasing production levels.


Aphrons are our patented multiphase drilling fluid with a hydrophobic nature that incorporates uniquely structured micro-bubbles allowing for major reduction of lost circulation. The system has highly successful field-proven capabilities in drilling depleted reservoirs, low pressure highly fractured formations, and multi pressure zones with one mud weight (MW). The use of full density against higher pressure shales within highly depleted reservoirs becomes the main application of these fluids. The result is optimized well construction, eliminating the need of at least one casing interval.

Treatment Recommendation

The AphronICS? design involves dynamic multiple phase flow that controls whole fluid, filtrate and solids invasion. The co-polymers and surfactants in Aphron fluids give the systems some very unique properties, enabling the fluid to deliver a solids-free system that controls invasion whether in reservoir or intermediate intervals. The system formulation is dependent on the application, the system is easy to mix and does not require any special equipment, Aphrons are generated within the system cycle, at any shear or pressure drop point.


Aphrons increase shale stability, thereby greatly reducing drilling problems commonly associated with laminated sand/shale sequences. Benefits include improved overall drilling efficiency, especially in high angle and horizontal wells, reduction or elimination of lost circulation, minimal formation damage, and improvement in cement job quality.

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