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Filter Cake Breaker


AphBreak? is a delayed acid generator used for the slow release of acid to act as a filter cake breaker, oxidizer and gel breaker. When spotted down-hole, it reacts with water, generates acid and subsequently dissolves the calcium carbonate and polysaccharides.


AphBreak? is a delayed release breaker, releasing the active material when introduced to formation. This can be controlled to allow time for workover or completion operations and can be used to effectively satisfy a filter cake breaker, oxidizer, and gel breaker.

Treatment Recommendation

The AphBreak? solution is a time-release breaker and the reaction that breaks down Gel/Cake is dependent upon temperatures down hole and time needed. A bottom hole temperature at or near 250? F a solution treated with 12 ppb of APHBREAK? will require 24 - 36 hours of soak time.


The cost-effective system allows time to enable running work-over and completion operations, increasing hydrocarbon production rates. Advantages include low cost, ease of mixing and pumping, and excellent filter cake removal with minimal formation damage.

Typical Physical Properties
  • Appearance: White crystals
  • Odor: None

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