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Isolate Loss-Circ Zones


Our FrakPlug? is a new class of smart expandable lost circulation material (LCM). The FrakPlug? polymer agent can be added to oil-based drilling fluids to seal off the lost circulation zones. One of the most time consuming and cost-inflating events in drilling is loss of circulation. Typically experienced in highly permeable, highly fractured and low pressured zones.

Conservative estimates show the drilling industry spends over one billion dollars annually in rig time, drilling fluids and other related costs dealing with this issue. It?s not hard to see why it is often a key factor in the decision to approve, cancel or abandoned drilling operations.


Despite many advances in the last decade, most conventional solutions are inadequate, causing damage to production zones and failing to seal larger vugulars/fractures. FrakPlug? is a finely dispersed material that is polymerized when it comes into contact with water, expanding approximately 20X its size. Once activated, these particles effectively seal vugulars and fractures without damaging pores in the production zone or plugging drilling tools.

Treatment Recommendation

Polymerization time is about 1 hour and can be easily regulated (from 15 to 120 minutes), treatment is 15 ? 25 PPB dependent on the case.


Benefits include high adhesion to the rock surface, it does not react with oil, and is resistant to hostile environments after polymerization. It is produced using carefully selected raw materials and rigid manufacturing standards to assure the high quality of the product. The LCM can be adjusted based on pressure from the surface.

Typical Properties
  • Polymerized in contact with water
  • Increases in volume of up 20 times during polymerization
  • High adhesion to rock surfaces

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