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Self-Healing Cement Additive


SCH-100? is a cement additive that prolongs well production life cycle by self-repairing cement cracks, micro-annuli and other inner void spaces produced by exposure to hydrocarbon invasion.?

Primary cement job failures are predominately due to a breakdown in the “displacement process.” This typically results in poor zonal isolation manifested by channeling. The well cement sheath between the casing string and rock/clay formation encounters various mechanical and chemical stresses that can lead to micro-annuli and cracks.


SCH-100? is utilized in wells with high potential for hydrocarbon invasion into the cement. It decreases the cement systems Young?s modulus, thus minimizing cement embrittlement.

Treatment Recommendation

SCH-100? is useful for a variety of cement designs and a wide range of densities and temperatures - stable up to 275?F. The product can be applied in batch mixing or mixing on the fly utilizing conventional equipment


SCH-100? provides for auto-repair of cement on contact with invading hydrocarbon and automatically heals cement sheath in response to encountering unwanted/unexpected hydrocarbon invasion, thus maintaining cement integrity. SCH-100? also increases the likelihood of the cement sheath surviving downhole stresses and provides for cement sheath resilience.

Typical Physical Properties
  • SHC-100 should be stored in a dry environment. Proper PPE must be used to avoid dust exposure.
  • SHC-100 is available in 50-lbs bags, must be stored in dry environment

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