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Wellbore ECD Guard Spacer System

ECDGuard Spacer?

This spacer system creates a shield/barrier at the face of the formation to prevent cement fluid from penetrating into the formation thereby mitigating lost circulation concerns during the cementing process.

Since the unique seal formed by ECDGuard raises the formation?s fracture pressure, cement can be placed at casing depth with higher equivalent circulating densities (ECDs) without increasing the risk of formation break down. This capability is highly beneficial in wells where a narrow margin exists between the fracture gradient and pore pressure gradient.


ECDGuard-LCM4K is a lost circulation additive to the ECDGuard spacer system to remediate against complete and total losses. ECDGuard-LCM4K is formulated to prevent losses with fracture sizes of 4,000 microns.


The ECDGuard Spacer? is utilized in formations with low fracture gradients, fragile, unconsolidated and fractured formations, and high-permeability formations. It is utilized in conditions with challenges of circulating the wellbore fluid, and in wells where pre-job shows the ECD near or above the frac gradient. ECDGuard Spacer? is preferred to mix on-the-fly with a weighted spacer. Apply ECDGuard-LCM4K additive in situations where fracture sizes between 10 to 4,000 microns and there is total lost circulation. also useful in high-permeability, unconsolidated and fractured formations when losses were observed during the drilling phase.

Treatment Recommendation

ECDGuard Spacer? mixes in a concentration of 15 lbs per barrel of mix water (42 gallons of water). For cases in which lost circulation is Severe to Total losses, ECDGuard- LC4K? can be utilized to the spacer mix to enhance fluid loss prevention, and stop lost circulation. Add ECDGuard-LCM4K for seepage losses, recommended treatment ranges from 10-20 lb/bbl. For severe lost circulation the recommended treatment is 25-40 lb/ bbl


Our ECDGuard Spacer? is ideal for wells with a narrow margin between fracture gradient and pore pressure gradient. It reduces formation damage from cement filtration and prevents cement fallback to achieve the desired TOC. The ECDGuard Spacer? density is controllable and has an adjustable rheology. This product extends the frac gradient for higher ECDs, it enhances hole cleaning and mud removal prior to cement placement, forms a shield against the formation to limit fluid invasion and reduces cement losses and formation damage. ECDGuard-LCM4K additive improves the ECDGuard spacer system?s effectiveness when losses are challenging - effectively sealing a wide range of fracture widths in all types of formations. This additive can withstand differential pressures > 1200 psi and is compatible with downhole accessories.

Typical Physical Properties
  • ECDGuard and the LCM4K additive should be stored in a dry environment
  • Proper PPE must be used to avoid dust exposure

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