AphronICS micro bubbles

DFT Acquires AphronICS? Drilling Fluid Technology

Drilling Fluids Technologies (DFT) acquires patented Aphron Invasion Control System? (AphronICS?) micro-bubble drilling fluid system. The technology provides significant advantages through cost-savings and improved production in challenging unconventional and depleted reservoirs.


DFT CEO, Mustafa Fergani, confirms the company?s new initiative to roll the technology out to international clients in new areas where conventional drilling fluids result in costly operations due to invasion.

?Aphrons were cutting edge technology 20 years ago. Today they are field-proven and utilized around the world. The journey continues, we?re incorporating new knowledge and new additives to advance them further.?


The AphronICS? is a solids free at-balance fluid system that incorporates micro-bubbles under pneumatic pressure for invasion control. Our AphronICS? has a finely tuned rheology engineered for minimal fluid loss, superior hole cleaning and excellent borehole stability.


Aphrons control losses in depleted, high-porosity sands while stabilizing pressured shales. This allows the use of conventional drilling equipment to successfully complete challenging reservoirs that previously would have been candidates only for underbalanced drilling or run additional casing string to separate different pressure zones. The system also increases shale reservoir stability, thereby greatly reducing drilling problems commonly associated with laminated sand/shale sequences.


Aphrons serve as the first line of defense in the prevention of leak-off during the initial invasion period after a drill bit cuts into porous rock. Its field-proven capability to solve issues such as loss control, formation damage, differential sticking and stabilization of multi-pressure makes it an invaluable tool.